Word: leitourgew

Pronounce: li-toorg-eh'-o

Strongs Number: G3008

Orig: from 3011; to be a public servant, i.e. (by analogy) to perform religious or charitable functions (worship, obey, relieve):--minister. G3011

Use: TDNT-4:215,526 Verb

Heb Strong: H3547 H5647 H6633 H8120 H8334

    1) to serve the state at one's own cost
    1a) to assume an office which must be administered at one's own expense
    1b) to discharge a public office at one's own cost
    1c) to render public service to the state
    2) to do a service, perform a work
    2a) of priests and Levites who were busied with the sacred rites in the tabernacle or the temple
    2b) of Christians serving Christ, whether by prayer, or by instructing others concerning the way of salvation, or in some other way
    2c) of those who aid others with their resources, and relieve their poverty