Word: paqema

Pronounce: path'-ay-mah

Strongs Number: G3804

Orig: from a presumed derivative of 3806; something undergone, i.e. hardship or pain; subjectively, an emotion or influence:-- affection, affliction, motion, suffering. G3806

Use: TDNT-5:930,798 Noun Neuter

Heb Strong:

    1) that which one suffers or has suffered
    1a) externally, a suffering, misfortune, calamity, evil, affliction
    1a1) of the sufferings of Christ
    1a2) also the afflictions which Christians must undergo in behalf of the same cause which Christ patiently endured
    1b) of an inward state, an affliction, passion
    2) an enduring, undergoing, suffering