Word: paristhmi

Pronounce: par-is'-tay-mee

Strongs Number: G3936

Orig: or prolonged paristano par-is-tan'-o, from 3844 and 2476; to stand beside, i.e. (transitively) to exhibit, proffer, (specially), recommend, (figuratively) substantiate; or (intransitively) to be at hand (or ready), aid:--assist, bring before, command, commend, give presently, present, prove, provide, shew, stand (before, by, here, up, with), yield. G3844

Use: TDNT-5:837,788 Verb

Heb Strong: H24 H1310 H3320 H3322 H5324 H5975 H6186 H6633 H6925 H7284 H8254 H8334

    1) to place beside or near
    1a) to set at hand
    1a1) to present
    1a2) to proffer
    1a3) to provide
    1a4) to place a person or thing at one's disposal
    1a5) to present a person for another to see and question
    1a6) to present or show
    1a7) to bring to, bring near
    1a8) metaph. i.e to bring into one's fellowship or intimacy
    1b) to present (show) by argument, to prove
    2) to stand beside, stand by or near, to be at hand, be present
    2a) to stand by
    2a1) to stand beside one, a bystander
    2b) to appear
    2c) to be at hand, stand ready
    2d) to stand by to help, to succour
    2e) to be present
    2e1) to have come
    2e2) of time