Word: peritomh

Pronounce: per-it-om-ay'

Strongs Number: G4061

Orig: from 4059; circumcision (the rite, the condition or the people, literally or figuratively):--X circumcised, circumcision. G4059

Use: TDNT-6:72,831 Noun Feminine

Heb Strong: H4135 H4139

    1) circumcised
    1a) the act or rite of circumcision, "they of the circumcision" is a term used of the Jews
    1a1) of Christians gathered from among the Jews
    1a2) the state of circumcision
    1b) metaph.
    1b1) of Christians separated from the unclean multitude and truly consecrated to God
    1b2) the extinction of passions and the removal of spiritual impurity