Word: proswpon

Pronounce: pros'-o-pon

Strongs Number: G4383

Orig: from 4314 and ops (the visage, from 3700); the front (as being towards view), i.e. the countenance, aspect, appearance, surface; by implication, presence, person:--(outward) appearance, X before, countenance, face, fashion, (men's) person, presence. G4314

Use: TDNT-6:768,950 Noun Neuter

Heb Strong: H639 H649 H4758 H5869 H5921 H6057 H6285 H6310 H6440 H6440 H6440 H6440 H6440 H6441

    1) the face
    1a) the front of the human head
    1b) countenance, look
    1b1) the face so far forth as it is the organ of sight, and by it various movements and changes) the index of the inward thoughts and feelings
    1c) the appearance one presents by his wealth or property, his rank or low condition
    1c1) outward circumstances, external condition
    1c2) used in expressions which denote to regard the person in one's judgment and treatment of men
    2) the outward appearance of inanimate things