Word: simwn

Pronounce: see'-mone

Strongs Number: G4613

Orig: of Hebrew origin H8095 ; Simon (i.e. Shimon), the name of nine Israelites:--Simon. Compare 4826. G4826 H8095

Use: Noun Masculine

Heb Strong:

    Peter = "a rock or stone"

    1) Peter was one of the apostles
    2) Simon called Zelotes or the Kanaites
    3) Simon, father of Judas who betrayed Jesus.
    4) Simon Magus, the Samaritan wizard
    5) Simon the tanner, Ac. 10
    6) Simon the Pharisee, Lu 7:40-44
    7) Simon of Cyrene who carried the cross of Christ
    8) Simon the cousin of Jesus, the son of Cleophas
    9) Simon the leper, so called to distinguish him from others of the same name