Word: speira

Pronounce: spi'-rah

Strongs Number: G4686

Orig: of immediate Latin origin, but ultimately a derivative of 138 in the sense of its cognate 1507; a coil (spira, "spire"), i.e. (figuratively) a mass of men (a Roman military cohort; also (by analogy) a squad of Levitical janitors):--band. G1507

Use: Noun Feminine

Heb Strong:

    1) anything rolled into a circle or ball, anything wound, rolled up, folded together
    2) a military cohort
    2a) the tenth part of legion
    2a1) about 600 men i.e. legionaries
    2a2) if auxiliaries either 500 or 1000
    2a3) a maniple, or the thirtieth part of a legion
    2b) any band, company, or detachment, of soldiers