Word: sukofantew

Pronounce: soo-kof-an-teh'-o

Strongs Number: G4811

Orig: from a compound of 4810 and a derivative of 5316; to be a fig-informer (reporter of the law forbidding the exportation of figs from Greece), "sycophant", i.e. (genitive and by extension) to defraud (exact unlawfully, extort):--accuse falsely, take by false accusation. G4810

Use: TDNT-7:759,1100 Verb

Heb Strong: H1556 H6231 H8266

    1) to accuse wrongfully, to calumniate, to attack by malicious devices
    2) to exact money wrongfully
    2a) to extort from, defraud

    At Athens those were "sukophantia" whose business it was to inform against any one whom they might detect exporting figs out of Attica; and as sometimes they seemed to extort money from those loath to be exposed, the name "sukophantes" from the time of Aristophanes down was a general term of opprobrium to designate, a malignant and base accuser from love of gain.