Word: tugcanw

Pronounce: toong-khan'-o

Strongs Number: G5177

Orig: probably for an obsolete tucho (for which the middle voice of another alternate teucho (to make ready or bring to pass) is used in certain tenses; akin to the base of 5088 through the idea of effecting; properly, to affect; or (specially), to hit or light upon (as a mark to be reached), i.e. (transitively) to attain or secure an object or end, or (intransitively) to happen (as if meeting with); but in the latter application only impersonal (with 1487), i.e. perchance; or (present participle) as adjective, usual (as if commonly met with, with 3756, extraordinary), neuter (as adverb) perhaps; or (with another verb) as adverb, by accident (as it were):--be, chance, enjoy, little, obtain, X refresh...self, + special. Compare 5180. G5180 G1487

Use: TDNT-8:238,1191 Verb

Heb Strong: H4672

    1) to hit the mark
    1a) of one discharging a javelin or arrow
    2) to reach, attain, obtain, get, become master of
    3) to happen, chance, fall out
    3a) to specify, to take a case, as for example
    4) to meet one
    5) of he who meets one or presents himself unsought, any chance, ordinary, common person
    6) to chance to be