Word: fwnew

Pronounce: fo-neh'-o

Strongs Number: G5455

Orig: from 5456; to emit a sound (animal, human or instrumental); by implication, to address in words or by name, also in imitation:--call (for), crow, cry. G5456

Use: TDNT-9:301,1287 Verb

Heb Strong: H1898 H1898 H5375 H6850 H7121 H7891 H8628

    1) to sound, emit a sound, to speak
    1a) of a cock: to crow
    1b) of men: to cry, cry out, cry aloud, speak with a loud voice
    2) to call, to call one's self, either by one's own voice or though another
    3) to send for, summon
    3a) to call out of (i.e. bid one to quit a place and come to one
    3b) to invite
    3c) to address, accost, call by a name