Strongs Number: G5822



Heb Strong:

    See Definition for blepo G4648 Compare: G991 , G3708 G3708 gives prominence to the discerning mind, G991 to the particular mood or point. When the physical side recedes, G3708 denotes perception in general (as resulting principally from vision), the prominence being in the mental element. G991 on the other hand, when the physical side recedes, gets a purely outward sense.
    Compare: G991 , G4648
    G4648 is more pointed than G991 , often meaning "to scrutinize, observe". When the physical sense recedes, "to fix one's (mind's) eye on, direct one's attention to" a thing in order to get it, or owing to interest in it, or a duty towards it. Hence often the same as "to aim at, care for etc."