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    IX The queen of Sheba visits Solomon, ver. 1-12. The riches and splendour of his court, ver. 13-28. The conclusion of his reign, ver. 29-31.

    Verse 8. For the Lord - In the Lord's name and stead, in a special manner, because he sat in God's own throne, and ruled over God's peculiar people, and did in an eminent manner maintain the honour of God in his land, and in the eyes of all the world. Those mercies are doubly sweet, in which we can taste the kindness and good will of God as our God.

    Verse 12. Besides - Besides what he gave her of his royal bounty, as is expressed, 1 Kings x, 13, which was in compensation for her presents.

    23. And all the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon -All in those parts of the world.

    Verse 29. Iddo - This, and the other prophets mentioned, were also historians, and wrote annals of their times; out of which these sacred books were taken, either by these, or other prophets.

    Verse 31. And Solomon slept - We have here Solomon in his throne, and Solomon in his grave; for the throne could not secure him from the grave. Here is he stripped of his pomp, and leaving all his wealth and power, not to one whom he knew not whether he would be a wise man or a fool; but one he knew would be a fool! This was not only vanity, but vexation of spirit.


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