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    XXXV The great affair of setting up God's worship is now upon its former channel again.

    I. Moses gives Israel those instructions he had received, which required a present observance, (1.) Concerning the sabbath, ver. 1-3. (2.) Concerning the contribution that was to be made for erecting the tabernacle, ver. 4-9. (3.) Concerning the framing of the tabernacle, and the utensils of it, ver. 10-19.

    II. The people bring in their contributions, ver. 20-29.

    III. The head workmen are nominated, ver. 30-35.

    Verse 2. Six days shall work be done - Work for the tabernacle, but on the seventh day - You must not strike a stroke, no not at the tabernacle-work; the honour of the sabbath was above that of the sanctuary.

    Verse 3. Ye shall kindle no fire - For any servile work, as that of smiths or plumbers. We do not find that ever this prohibition extended farther.

    Verse 21. Every one whom his spirit made willing - What they did they did chearfully. They were willing; and it was not any external inducement that made them so, but their spirits. It was from a principle of love to God, and his service; a desire of his presence with them by his ordinances; gratitude for the great things he had done for them; and faith in his promises of what he would do further.

    Verse 22. Tablets or Lockets.

    30. The Lord hath called Bezaleel - And those whom God called by name to this service, he filled with the spirit of God, to qualify them for it. The work was extraordinary which Bezaleel was designed for, and therefore he was qualified in an extraordinary manner for it. Thus when the apostles were appointed to be master-builders in setting up the gospel-tabernacle, they were filled with the spirit of God in wisdom and understanding.


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