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    Verse 2. Destruction - How they may oppress and destroy others.

    Verse 3. Through wisdom - There is no need that thou shouldest raise thy family by ruining others, which thou mayest more effectually do by wisdom.

    Verse 4. By knowledge - Which in scripture phrase includes the love and practice of what we know.

    Verse 5. Is strong - Is courageous and resolute, and able by wisdom to do greater things than others can accomplish by strength.

    Verse 6. Thy war - War is better managed by wisdom than by strength.

    Verse 7. A fool - For a wicked man, whose sins enfeeble his mind, and make it incapable of wisdom. Openeth not - He knows not how to speak acceptably, and profitably in the publick assembly.

    Verse 8. Shall be called - Though he cover his wicked devices with fair pretenses, he shall be branded with that infamy which is due to him.

    Verse 9. The thought - The very inward thought or contrivance of evil, is a sin in God's sight.

    Verse 11. Deliver - When it is in thy power. Drawn - By the violence of lawless men.

    Verse 12. Consider - That this is only a frivolous excuse.

    Verse 13. Eat - This is not a command, but a concession, and is only here expressed to illustrate the following verse. Honey in those parts was an usual food.

    Verse 14. A reward - It is not only sweet for the present, but brings a sure and everlasting reward.

    Verse 16. Falleth - Into calamities, of which he evidently speaks both in the foregoing verse, and in the following branch of this verse. Fall - Frequently into irrecoverable destruction.

    Verse 17. Falleth - Into mischief.

    Verse 18. From him - Understand, upon thee, which is implied in the Hebrew phrase.

    Verse 20. No reward - All his happiness shall quickly and eternally perish. The candle - All their comfort and glory shall cease.

    Verse 21. To change - That are unstable in their obedience to God or to the king.

    Verse 22. Who knoweth - Who can conceive how sore and sudden will be the ruin of them that fear not God, and the king.

    Verse 23. These - The counsels following, to the end of the chapter, no less than those hitherto mentioned, are worthy of their consideration.

    Verse 25. Rebuke - That publickly and judicially rebuke and condemn the wicked. Delight - The peace of a good conscience.

    Verse 26. Shall kiss - Shall respect him. A right answer - That speaks pertinently and plainly, and truly.

    Verse 32. Received - I learned wisdom by his folly.


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