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    NOTES - PSALMS 111

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    PS 111 This and several of the following psalms seem to have been wrote for the service of the church in their solemn feasts. It is composed alphabetically, each sentence beginning with a several letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The psalmist here praises God for his works, ver. 1-9. Recommends the fear of God, ver. 10.

    Verse 2. Sought - Diligently meditated upon.

    Verse 3. Work - Either all his works, or that eminent branch of those works, his providence towards his people. Righteousness - His justice or faithfulness in performing his word.

    Verse 4. Remembered - By their own nature, and the lasting benefits flowing from them, which are such as cannot easily be forgotten.

    Verse 5. Meat - All necessary provisions for their being and well-being.

    Verse 7. The works - All that he doth on the behalf of his people, or against their enemies. Truth - Are exactly agreeable to his promises, and to justice. Commandments - His laws given to the Israelites, especially the moral law. Sure - Constant and unchangeable.

    Verse 8. Done - Constituted or ordered.

    Verse 9. Redemption - The deliverance out of Egypt, which was a type of that higher redemption by Christ. Commanded - Appointed, or established firmly by his power and authority. For ever - Through all successive generations of his people to the end of the world. Reverend - Terrible to his enemies, venerable in his peoples eyes, and holy in all his dealings with all men.

    Verse 10. The fear - True religion. Beginning - Is the only foundation of, and introduction to, true wisdom.


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