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    NOTES - PSALMS 112

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    PS 112 This also is an alphabetical psalm. We have here the character and blessedness of the righteous, ver. 1-9. The iniquity of the wicked, ver. 10.

    Verse 2. Generation - The posterity.

    Verse 3. Righteousness - The fruit or reward of his righteousness, which is God's blessing upon his estate.

    Verse 4. Darkness - In the troubles and calamities of life. He - The upright man.

    Verse 5. Lendeth - Gives freely to some, and lends to others according to the variety of their conditions. Affairs - His domestick affairs. Discretion - Not getting his estate unjustly, nor casting it away prodigally, nor yet withholding it from such as need it.

    Verse 6. Moved - Though he may for a season be afflicted, yet he shall not be eternally destroyed.

    Verse 7. Evil tidings - At the report of approaching calamities.

    Verse 9. Dispersed - His goods, freely and liberally. Righteousness - His liberality, or the reward of it. Ever - What he gives is not lost, but indeed is the only part of his estate, which will abide with him to all eternity.

    Verse 10. The desire - Either of the misery of good men; or of his own constant prosperity.


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