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    PS 26 David professes his integrity, ver. 1-8. Deprecates the doom of the wicked, ver. 9, 10. Casts himself upon the mercy of God, ver. 11, 12. A psalm of David.

    Verse 1. Trusted - I have committed my cause and affairs to thee.

    Verse 3. For - I dare appeal to thee, because thou knowest I have a deep sense of thy loving-kindness, by which I have been led to love and obey thee.

    Verse 4. Sat - Continued with them. I have been so far from an imitation of their wicked courses, that I have avoided their company. Vain - With false and deceitful persons. Go in - Into their company.

    Verse 6. Compass - Approach to thine altar with my sacrifices: which I could not do with any comfort, if I were conscious of those crimes, whereof mine enemies accuse me.

    Verse 8. House - Thy sanctuary and worship. honour - Thy glorious and gracious presence.

    Verse 9. Gather not - Do not bind me up in the same bundle, or put me into the same accursed condition with them.

    Verse 12. Standeth - I stand upon a sure and solid foundation, being under the protection of God's promise, and his almighty and watchful providence. Congregations - I will not only privately, but in the assemblies of thy people celebrate thy praise.


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