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    PS 4 David prays, reproves the wicked, and testifies the happiness of the righteous, ver. 1-3. Exhorts them to consider and serve God, ver. 4-5. Declares his own experience of the grace of God, ver. 6-8. To the chief musician on Neginoth, A psalm of David. Title of the psalm. Chief musician - The director of the musick of the temple. Neginoth - Or, on stringed instruments, as this word is translated, Hab. iii, 19.

    Verse 1. O God - The witness and defender of my righteous cause.

    Verse 2. My glory - By his glory probably he means that honour which God had conferred upon him. Vanity - Wickedness. Lying - Those calumnies which they raised against him, to make him odious to all the people.

    Verse 3. Godly - Me, whom, though you traduce as an hypocrite, God hath pronounced to be a man after his own heart, 1 Sam. xiii, 14. For himself - In his stead, or to be his vicegerent, as all kings are, and especially the kings of God's own people.

    Verse 4. In awe - Be afraid, if not of me, yet of God, who hath engaged in my cause. Sin not - By prosecuting your rebellion against God's authority. On your bed - Calmly consider these things in the silent night, when you are at leisure from distracting business. Be still - Compose your tumultuous minds.

    Verse 5. Offer - Unto God, that he may be reconciled to you. Righteousness - Righteous sacrifices; which requires that the persons offering them be righteous and do righteous things, and offer them with an honest mind, with faith and true repentance. Without which, he intimates, that all their sacrifices were of no esteem with God, and would be wholly unprofitable to them.

    Verse 6. Many - Of my followers, who are weary of waiting upon God. Who - Who will put an end to our troubles, and give us tranquility. Lift up - Upon me and my friends. Give us an assurance of thy love, and evidence it by thy powerful assistance.

    Verse 7. Thou hast - Whatsoever thou shalt do with me for the future, I have at present unspeakable satisfaction in the testimonies of thy love to my soul; more than worldly persons have in the time of a plentiful harvest.

    Verse 8. In peace - In tranquility of mind, resting securely upon God's promises.


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