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    PS 83 A remonstrance of the designs and endeavours of Israel's enemies, ver. 1-8. A prayer, that God would defeat them, preserve his church, and get himself glory, ver. 9-18. A song or psalm of Asaph.

    Verse 3. Hidden ones - Thy people of Israel, who are called God's hidden or secret ones, to intimate the respect which God has to them, as to his peculiar treasure.

    Verse 6. The tabernacles - The people dwelling in them. Ishmaelites - Some of the posterity of Ishmael, called by their father's name, as others of them are supposed to be called Hagarens from their grandmother Hagar.

    Verse 7. Gebal - An Arabian people so called by ancient writers dwelling in the southern border of Canaan, where most of the people here mentioned had their abode.

    Verse 8. Of Lot - Moab and Ammon.

    Verse 13. A wheel - Whereas they promise to themselves a sure possession, let them be like a wheel, which is very unstable, and soon removed.

    Verse 14. The mountains - The woods upon the mountains, which in those hot countries, when they have once taken fire, burn with irresistible violence.

    Verse 16. May seek - May own and worship thee as the only true God.


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