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    PS 84 The psalmist declares his love for the ordinances of God, and the happiness of those that enjoy them, ver. 1-7. A devout prayer, and expression of faith in him, ver. 8-12. It is generally supposed, David wrote this, when he was driven out of the land by Absalom. To the chief musician upon Gittith, A psalm for the sons of Korah.

    4. They-That constantly abide in thy house; the priests and Levites, or other devout Jews who were there perpetually, as Anna, Luke ii, 36-37. They will - They are continually employed in that blessed work.

    Verse 5. Whose strength - Who trusteth in thee as his only strength. Thy ways - Blessed are they whose hearts are set upon Zion and their journey is thither.

    Verse 6. Baca - A dry valley in the way to Jerusalem, here put for all places of like nature. Make a well - They dig divers little pits or wells in it for their relief. The rain - God recompenses their diligence with his blessing, sending rain wherewith they may be filled.

    Verse 7. They go - They grow stronger and stronger. Appeareth - This is added as the blessed fruit of their long and tedious journey.

    Verse 9. Look - Cast a favourable eye towards him. Anointed - Of me, who though a vile sinner, am thine anointed king.

    Verse 10. Than dwell - In the greatest glory and plenty.

    Verse 11. A sun - To enlighten and quicken, and direct and comfort his people. Shield - To save his people from all their enemies. Grace - His favour, which is better than life. Glory - The honour which comes from God here, and eternal glory.


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