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  • Almost 500 Early Learning & Children Software Games & Activities!
    • Do you have a child in Kindergarten to 3rd Grade? This CD is filled with hundreds of fun learning programs, activities, all that he or she will ever need! Games and activities for Memorization & Thinking, Color, Reading & Language Skills, Math and Shape & Size and ABC's & 123's are all included on this CD!
    • INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING: Hansel & Gretal, The Three Bears, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and many more! All of Aesop's Fables are on this CD!
    • MANY OF YOUR CHILDS FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Does your child have many favorite characters? Have you found it difficult to buy software or movies that will keep your child occupied? With this CD, you can not go wrong! With so many characters, games, activities, songs, coloring pages, stories & more, your child will be entertained, edified and occupied for hours on end!!
    • GAMES & ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: Just click on the very large red highlighted link below, and you will see many of the activities and games included. I actually don't list it all, as it is so comprehensive (600+ total)!

    • This CD collection was designed to improve your child's learning skills, using fun games, puzzles, projects, activities, coloring pages, fun lessons, stories, etc. What better way is there for you to enhance your child's learning and educational development?
    • This is a brand new and ALL the games and activities are included on the CD! You are bidding on high quality software. Buy one of my competitors early learning software CDs currently selling on eBay and compare it with ours. I think you will agree that our software is of a higher caliber.
    • NO internet access is required to use this software CD to use the games and activities. ALL of the games & activities are included on this CD. No tricks, gimmicks, etc. What you see is really what it is! Note: If you do have internet access, we do have some links to cool websites on the internet as an extra!
    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!


  • Graphically enhanced programs/activities for hours of FUN!
    • Many of your childs favorite characters!
    • High quality activities and games filled with rich graphics and colors to help your child learn more and more!

  • Hundreds of Games/Activities for a Very Low Price!
    • Hundreds of children's software/activities/games/art accessible from an easy to use interface.
    • Why spend $40 at the store for just one children's program, when you can have one many times larger for under $10!!
    • With so many children games & activities to choose from, you have a better chance of finding something your child really wants to do.

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    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!
    • IMPORTANT! - The first item has a shipping cost of $5.95. Each additional item has a shipping charge of $2.45.

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