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  • ALL the recipes that you will EVER need!
    • Recipes for every occasion. Why spend $30 on a cookbook with say 1000 recipes, when you can get 100,000 receipes for under $5? This CD is the only one you will need and will save you the time of looking through five different cookbooks to find one recipe.
      • (24,500) Cake / Dessert & Candy Recipes
      • (950+) Party / Carnival / Park Concession Stand Recipes
      • (11,700) Cookies, Cobbler, Chocolate & More Recipes
      • (110+) Famous Copy Recipes
      • (2,500) Old Time Recipes
      • (1,500) Crock Pot, Casserole & Dressing Recipes
      • (5,200) Appetizers Recipes
      • (330) Beverage & Coffee Recipes
      • (4,250) Microwave, No Bake & Popcorn
      • (290) Diabetic Recipes
      • (10,000) Foreign Recipes
      • (34) Soaps / Cleaners & Polish Recipes
      • (5,100) Pizza & Seafood Recipes
      • (11,300) Salad, Sandwich & Soup Recipes

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    • Fun for the whole family!! Excellent reference for everyday cooking, Christmas, and those last minute necessities!
    • You will not find a collection of this size or variety in ANY store. If you love to make homemade food, cakes, gift baskets and mmore, than this electronic recipe book is for you!
    • Are you a bachelor and are trying to get off the fast food and into a healthier diet? This CD is for you! Try the Easy Recipe or Microwave Recipe Section to find your quick fixes. With so many easy recipes to choose from, you will not have to suffer from eating the same old thing.
    • We are currently attempting to setup a deal with major chain stores like Best Buy, Wal-mart, etc to sell a version of this Recipe CD. We currently have one product already selling in Best Buy, Sams, Coscos and more called "Bible Wisdom". If this CD was selling in a store like Best Buy, it would cost you around $10 to $20. Why not save yourself the trouble and just buy on this discounted auction before you end up paying Best Buy $15 for it?
    • All that is advertised on this page and on the page linked above are included on this CD. There are really 100,000 Recipes with their own unique pages. There are no zip files. No tricks, hidden fees, gimmicks, etc. What you see is really what it is!
    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!

  • Graphically enhanced interface for easy access to ALL the recipes!
    • Find your recipe of choice quickly! Search by topic, catagory and more using the "Ctrl + F" function to initiate the search.
    • The Recipe CD uses Internet Explorer to show the CD's contents. No internet access is needed. So, all is contained on the CD and Internet Explorer just displays the contents.
    • High quality layout with rich graphics and colors!

  • Thousands of recipes for ONE low price!
    • Why spend $30 at the store for "one thousand" recipes, when you can have "one hundred thousand" for under $10!!
    • Fun recipes for any occasion! Recipes ranging from Appetizers to Desserts; Gift Baskets to Seafood. There are even recipes for emergencies, where you would need to make some spot remover or something.
    • One of the most economical ways to get all the recipes you will ever need. No more big thick cookbooks. Now, you can just print the page for a recipe you like or want to try. In some cases, you don't even need to print even one page (laptop/computer near kitchen)!

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    • Want to pay with a check instead of credit card? No problem, just enter your check information electronically and it just like sending it to me personally, but saves both of us time!
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    • PC compatible
    • Win95, Win98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, Win XP or Vista
    • CD-ROM drive
    • Mouse or pointer

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