Word: leitourgia

Pronounce: li-toorg-ee'-ah

Strongs Number: G3009

Orig: from 3008; public function (as priest ("liturgy") or almsgiver):--ministration(-try), service. G3008

Use: TDNT-4:215,526 Noun Feminine

Heb Strong: H4399 H5656 H6402 H6468 H6635

    1) a public office which a citizen undertakes to administer at his own expense
    2) any service
    2a) of military service
    2b) of the service of workmen
    2c) of that done to nature in the cohabitation of man and wife
    3) biblical usage
    3a) a service or ministry of the priests relative to the prayers and sacrifices offered to God
    3b) a gift or benefaction for the relief of the needy