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    NOTES - LUKE 8

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    Verse 2. Mary Magdalene - Or Mary of Magdala, a town in Galilee: probably the person mentioned in the last chapter.

    Verse 4. Matt. xiii, 1; Mark iv, 1.

    Verse 15. Who - keep it - Not like the highway side: And bring forth fruit - Not like the thorny ground: With perseverance - Not like the stony.

    Verse 16. No man having lighted a candle - As if ho had said, And let your good fruit appear openly. Matt. v, 15; Mark iv, 21; Chap. xi, 33.

    Verse 17. For nothing is hid - Strive not to conceal it at all; for you can conceal nothing long. Matt. x, 26; Mark iv, 22; Chap. xii, 2.

    Verse 18. The word commonly translated seemeth, wherever it occurs, does not weaken, but greatly strengthens the sense. Matt. xiii, 12; Mark iv, 25; Luke xix, 26.

    Verse 19. Matt. xii, 46; Mark iii, 31.

    Verse 22. - Matt. viii, 23; Mark iv, 35.

    26. Matt. viii, 28; Mark v, 1.

    29. For many times it had caught him - Therefore our compassionate Lord made the more haste to cast him out.

    Verse 31. The abyss - That is, the bottomless pit.

    Verse 32. To enter into the swine - Not that they were any easier in the swine than out of them. Had it been so, they would not so soon have dislodged themselves, by destroying the herd.

    Verse 37. Matt. ix, 1; Mark v, 18.

    Verse 40. Mark v, 21.

    Verse 52. She is not dead but sleepeth - Her soul is not separated finally from the body; and this short separation is rather to be called sleep than death.


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