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    NOTES - LUKE 5

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    Verse 1. Matt. iv, 18; Mark i, 16.

    Verse 6. Their net brake - Began to tear.

    Verse 8. Depart from me, for I am a sinful man - And therefore not worthy to be in thy presence.

    Verse 11. They forsook all and followed him - They had followed him before, John i, 43, but not so as to forsake all. Till now, they wrought at their ordinary calling.

    Verse 12. Matt. viii, 2; Mark i, 40.

    Verse 14. Lev. xiv, 2.

    Verse 16. He withdrew - The expression in the original implies, that he did so frequently.

    Verse 17. Sitting by - As being more honourable than the bulk of the congregation, who stood. And the power of the Lord was present to heal them - To heal the sickness of their souls, as well as all bodily diseases.

    Verse 18. Matt. ix, 2; Mark ii, 3.

    Verse 19. Not being able to bring him in through the multitude, they went round about by a back passage, and going up the stairs on the outside, they came upon the flat-roofed house, and let him down through the trap door, such as was on the top of most of the Jewish houses: doubtless, with such circumspection as the circumstances plainly required.

    Verse 26. We have seen strange things to. day - Sins forgiven, miracles wrought.

    Verse 27. Matt. ix, 9; Mark ii, 14.

    28. Leaving all - His business and gain.

    Verse 29. And Levi made him a great entertainment - It was necessarily great, because of the great number of guests.

    Verse 33. Make prayers - Long and solemn. Matt. ix, 14; Mark ii, 18.

    Verse 34. Can ye make - That is, is it proper to make men fast and mourn, during a festival solemnity?

    Verse 36. He spake also a parable - Taken from clothes and wine; therefore peculiarly proper at a feast.

    Verse 39. And no man having drunk old wine - And beside, men are not wont to be immediately freed from old prejudices.


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