Articals - Armand Kruger
Words: Creation, Solidification and Stagnation
B.I.B.L.E.: or the Games Christians Play

Languiging Christian Emotions: Intelligent Christian Emotions
Languiging..... Sin ..... The Compellingness Of
Languiging God: Increasing Awareness of His Presence
Excuse Blow-Out
Practical Christianity
Biblical Frames: The Key to "Spirituality"

Articals - Bob Bodenhamer & Michael Hall
"Put Away Childish Thinking"
Forgiveness for Having an Abortion
"Come Up Here" - 5th Position to the Lord
Why Don't You >Insert> Jesus?
New Identity In Christ
Does Suicide Guarantee Hell?
The B.S. Belief Change Pattern
How to Take a Hurt (Bitter Root) to Jesus
Can A Christian Counselor-Therapist Use Hypnosis-Trance?
NLP And The New Age Movement From A Judeo-Christian Perspective
The Mind BackTracking Technique
Battling with Symptoms of Stuttering

Anonymous Writer

From Stuttering to Stability: A Case Study
Tommy Belk
Biblical Prayer Mediation - A discussion of Philippians 4:11-13
Paul G. Durbin
A Time to Be Active; A Time to Be Still
Hypnosis and Religious Faith
Christian Therapist Beware of False Memory Syndrome
John Burton
Nuisance Nuance
Jim Polizzi
Meeting Jesus for the First Time...Again

Revd. Ian Field
Dynamics of Change
The Missing Link: Luke 12:21
Rob McCarter, MS, LPC
Meditation: NLP for Prayer Manifestation
Meditation: How to Achieve Peace of Mind
Rev. Johnson Dorn
Ecstasy and the Journey into Intimacy
Jerry Heflin
The Father's Activity in My Life - Healing from Prostate Cancer
Rev. Michael Davis
The Power of Negation: The "Meta-No" in Scripture
The Power of Affirmation: The "Meta-Yes" in Scripture