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  • PARALLEL HISTORY BIBLE - Deuteronomy 17:14

    CHAPTERS: Deuteronomy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34     

    VERSES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20




    LXX- Greek Septuagint - Deuteronomy 17:14

    εαν 1437 δε 1161 εισελθης 1525 5632 εις 1519 την 3588 γην 1093 ην 2258 3739 5713 κυριος 2962 ο 3588 3739 θεος 2316 σου 4675 διδωσιν 1325 5719 σοι 4671 4674 εν 1722 1520 κληρω και 2532 κληρονομησης αυτην 846 και 2532 κατοικησης επ 1909 ' αυτης 846 και 2532 ειπης 2036 5632 καταστησω 2525 5692 επ 1909 ' εμαυτον 1683 αρχοντα 758 καθα 2505 και 2532 τα 3588 λοιπα 3062 εθνη 1484 τα 3588 κυκλω 2945 μου 3450

    Douay Rheims Bible

    When thou
    art come into the land, which the Lord thy God will give thee, and possessest it, and shalt say: I will set a king over me, as all nations have that are round about:

    King James Bible - Deuteronomy 17:14

    When thou
    art come unto the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, and shalt possess it, and shalt dwell therein, and shalt say, I will set a king over me, like as all the nations that are about me;

    World English Bible

    When you are come to the
    land which Yahweh your God gives you, and shall possess it, and shall dwell therein, and shall say, "I will set a king over me, like all the nations that are around me;"

    World Wide Bible Resources

    Deuteronomy 17:14

    Early Christian Commentary - (A.D. 100 - A.D. 325)

    Anf-03 v.x.ii Pg 12
    Deut. xiii. 1.

    But also in another section,8238

    8238 Of course our division of the Scripture by chapter and verse did not exist in the days of Tertullian.—Tr.

    “If, however, thy brother, the son of thy father or of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend who is as thine own soul, solicit thee, saying secretly, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou knowest not, nor did thy fathers, of the gods of the nations which are round about thee, very nigh unto thee or far off from thee, do not consent to go with him, and do not hearken to him. Thine eye shall not spare him, neither shalt thou pity, neither shalt thou preserve him; thou shalt certainly inform upon him.  Thine hand shall be first upon him to kill him, and afterwards the hand of thy people; and ye shall stone him, and he shall die, seeing he has sought to turn thee away from the Lord thy God.”8239


    Anf-01 viii.iv.lxi Pg 2
    Or, “in the beginning, before all creatures.” [Justin’s reference to Josh. i. 13–15 deserves special consideration; for he supposes that the true Joshua (Jesus) was the substance, and the true “captain of salvation,” of whom this one was but a shadow (Heb. iv. 8, margin), type, and pledge. See cap. lxii.]

    [who was] a certain rational power [proceeding] from Himself, who is called by the Holy Spirit, now the Glory of the Lord, now the Son, again Wisdom, again an Angel, then God, and then Lord and Logos; and on another occasion He calls Himself Captain, when He appeared in human form to Joshua the son of Nave (Nun). For He can be called by all those names, since He ministers to the Father’s will, and since He was begotten of the Father by an act of will;2168

    2168 The act of will or volition is on the part of the Father.

    just as we see2169

    2169 Or, “Do we not see,” etc.

    happening among ourselves: for when we give out some word, we beget the word; yet not by abscission, so as to lessen the word2170

    2170 The word, λόγος translated “word,” means both the thinking power or reason which produces ideas and the expression of these ideas. And Justin passes here from the one meaning to the other. When we utter a thought, the utterance of it does not diminish the power of thought in us, though in one sense the thought has gone away from us.

    [which remains] in us, when we give it out: and just as we see also happening in the case of a fire, which is not lessened when it has kindled [another], but remains the same; and that which has been kindled by it likewise appears to exist by itself, not diminishing that from which it was kindled. The Word of Wisdom, who is Himself this God begotten of the Father of all things, and Word, and Wisdom, and Power, and the Glory of the Begetter, will bear evidence to me, when He speaks by Solomon the following: ‘If I shall declare to you what happens daily, I shall call to mind events from everlasting, and review them. The Lord made me the beginning of His ways for His works. From everlasting He established me in the beginning, before He had made the earth, and before He had made the deeps, before the springs of the waters had issued forth, before the mountains had been established. Before all the hills He begets me. God made the country, and the desert, and the highest inhabited places under the sky. When He made ready the heavens, I was along with Him, and when He set up His throne on the winds: when He made the high clouds strong, and the springs of the deep safe, when He made the foundations of the earth, I was with Him arranging. I was that in which He rejoiced; daily and at all times I delighted in His countenance, because He delighted in the finishing of the habitable world, and delighted in the sons of men. Now, therefore, O son, hear me. Blessed is the man who shall listen to me, and the mortal who shall keep my ways, watching2171

    2171 The mss. of Justin read “sleeping,” but this is regarded as the mistake of some careless transcriber.

    daily at my doors, observing the posts of my ingoings. For my outgoings are the outgoings of life, and [my] will has been prepared by the Lord. But they who sin against me, trespass against their own souls; and they who hate me love death.’2172


    Edersheim Bible History

    Temple xi Pg 26.6

    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, Chapter 17

    VERSE 	(14) - 

    De 7:1; 12:9,10; 18:9; 26:1,9 Le 14:34 Jos 1:13


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