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    CHAPTERS: Matthew 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28     

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    LXX- Greek Septuagint - Matthew 25:1

    τοτε 5119 ομοιωθησεται 3666 5701 η 3588 βασιλεια 932 των 3588 ουρανων 3772 δεκα 1176 παρθενοις 3933 αιτινες 3748 λαβουσαι 2983 5631 τας 3588 λαμπαδας 2985 αυτων 846 εξηλθον 1831 5627 εις 1519 απαντησιν 529 του 3588 νυμφιου 3566

    Douay Rheims Bible

    THEN shall the kingdom of heaven be like to ten virgins, who taking their
    lamps went out to meet the bridegroom and the bride.

    King James Bible - Matthew 25:1

    Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their
    lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

    World English Bible

    "Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten virgins, who took their
    lamps, and went out to meet the bridegroom.

    Early Church Father Links

    Anf-06 xi.iii.vii.iii Pg 3, Anf-07 ix.iii.iii Pg 30, Anf-09 iv.iii.xliii Pg 16, Npnf-105 xiv.xv Pg 8, Npnf-106 vii.xlv Pg 0, Npnf-106 vii.xlv Pg 3, Npnf-109 x.v Pg 20, Npnf-109 xix.viii Pg 80, Npnf-110 iii.LXXV Pg 0, Npnf-110 iii.LXXV Pg 2, Npnf-111 vi.xx Pg 26, Npnf-112 v.xxiii Pg 66, Npnf-113 Pg 42, Npnf-113 iv.iii.v Pg 41, Npnf-113 Pg 33, Npnf-114 iv.lxii Pg 41, Npnf-114 iv.xii Pg 34, Npnf-114 v.lxii Pg 41, Npnf-114 v.xii Pg 34, Npnf-203 iv.x.cix Pg 6, Npnf-204 xxv.iii.iii.vii Pg 82, Npnf-205 viii.i.xi.iii Pg 11, Npnf-206 v.CXXX Pg 135, Npnf-206 v.XLIV Pg 6, Npnf-206 vi.vii Pg 39, Npnf-206 v.CXXV Pg 144, Npnf-213 ii.vii.xvi Pg 6

    World Wide Bible Resources

    Matthew 25:1

    Early Christian Commentary - (A.D. 100 - A.D. 325)

    Anf-01 Pg 14
    Matt. xxiv. 42.

    [In these passages] He declares one and the same Lord, who in the times of Noah brought the deluge because of man’s disobedience, and who also in the days of Lot rained fire from heaven because of the multitude of sinners among the Sodomites, and who, on account of this same disobedience and similar sins, will bring on the day of judgment at the end of time (in novissimo); on which day He declares that it shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah than for that city and house which shall not receive the word of His apostles. “And thou, Capernaum,” He said, “is it that thou shalt be exalted to heaven?4366

    4366 No other of the Greek Fathers quotes this text as above; from which fact Grabe infers that old Latin translator, or his transcribers, altered the words of Irenæus [N.B.—From one example infer the rest] to suit the Latin versions.

    Thou shalt go down to hell. For if the mighty works which have been done in thee had been done in Sodom, it would have remained unto this day. Verily I say unto you, that it shall be more tolerable for Sodom in the day of judgment than for you.”4367


    Anf-01 ix.vii.xi Pg 6
    Matt. xxiv. 42, Matt. xxv. 13; Mark xiii. 33.

    And again, those persons who are not bringing forth the fruits of righteousness, and are, as it were, covered over and lost among brambles, if they use diligence, and receive the word of God as a graft,4517


    Anf-02 vi.iv.v.xiv Pg 55.1

    Anf-01 Pg 11
    Luke xii. 45, 46; Matt. xxiv. 48–51.

    All such passages demonstrate the independent will4402

    4402 τὸ αὐτεξούσιον.

    of man, and at the same time the counsel which God conveys to him, by which He exhorts us to submit ourselves to Him, and seeks to turn us away from [the sin of] unbelief against Him, without, however, in any way coercing us.

    Anf-02 ii.iv.ix Pg 21.2

    Anf-01 Pg 7
    Luke xxi. 34.

    And, “Let your loins be girded about, and your lamps burning, and ye like unto men that wait for their Lord, when He returns from the wedding, that when He cometh and knocketh, they may open to Him. Blessed is that servant whom his Lord, when He cometh, shall find so doing.”4398


    Anf-01 Pg 11
    Luke xxi. 34, 35.

    “Let your loins, therefore, be girded about, and your lights burning, and ye like to men who wait for their lord, when he shall return from the wedding.”4363


    Anf-03 v.iv.v.xxxix Pg 51
    Luke xxi. 34, 35. [Here follows a rich selection of parallels to Luke xxi. 34–38.]

    —if indeed they should forget God amidst the abundance and occupation of the world. Like this will be found the admonition of Moses,—so that He who delivers from “the snare” of that day is none other than He who so long before addressed to men the same admonition.5063


    Anf-03 v.iv.v.xxxix Pg 10
    Compare, in Bible:Luke.21.35-Luke.21.36">Luke xxi., verses 9, 22, 28, 31–33, 35, and 36.

    what does He represent Himself to be?  The Destroyer, or the Defender of the Creator? For He affirms that these appointments of His must fully come to pass; but surely as the good God, He would have frustrated rather than advanced events so sad and terrible, if they had not been His own (decrees). “But before all these,” He foretells that persecutions and sufferings were to come upon them, which indeed were “to turn for a testimony to them,” and for their salvation.5023


    Anf-03 v.viii.xxii Pg 11
    Luke xxi. 36.

    that is, no doubt, at the resurrection, after all these things have been previously transacted. Therefore, although there is a sprouting in the acknowledgment of all this mystery, yet it is only in the actual presence of the Lord that the flower is developed and the fruit borne. Who is it then, that has aroused the Lord, now at God’s right hand, so unseasonably and with such severity “shake terribly” (as Isaiah7421


    Edersheim Bible History

    Lifetimes viii.xxiii Pg 18.1, Lifetimes viii.xxvii Pg 87.1, Lifetimes x.vii Pg 1.1, Sketches xi Pg 16.4

    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, Chapter 25

    VERSE 	(1) - 

    Mt 24:42-51 Lu 21:34-36


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