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  • PARALLEL BIBLE - Nahum 3:16

    CHAPTERS: Nahum 1, 2, 3     

    VERSES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19




    King James Bible - Nahum 3:16

    Thou hast multiplied thy merchants above the stars of heaven: the cankerworm spoileth, and flieth away.

    World English Bible

    You have increased your merchants more than the stars of the skies. The grasshopper strips, and flees away.

    Douay-Rheims - Nahum 3:16

    Thou hast multiplied thy merchandises above the stars of heaven: the bruchus hath spread himself and flown away.

    Webster's Bible Translation

    Thou hast multiplied thy merchants above the stars of heaven: the canker-worm spoileth, and flieth away.

    Original Hebrew

    7235 רכליך 7402 מכוכבי 3556 השׁמים 8064 ילק 3218 פשׁט 6584 ויעף׃ 5774

    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge

    VERSE (16) -
    Ge 15:5; 22:17 Ne 9:23 Jer 33:22

    SEV Biblia, Chapter 3:16

    Multiplicaste tus mercaderes más que las estrellas del cielo; el pulgón hizo presa, y voló.

    Clarke's Bible Commentary - Nahum 3:16

    Verse 16. Thou hast multiplied thy
    merchants] Like Tyre, this city was a famous resort for merchants; but the multitudes which were there previously to the siege, like the locusts, took the alarm, and fled away.

    John Gill's Bible Commentary

    Ver. 16. Thou hast multiplied thy
    merchants above the stars of heaven , etc.] A hyperbolical expression, setting forth the great number of merchants that were in Nineveh, and in the land of Assyria; who either were the natives of the place, or came thither for the sake of merchandise, which serve to enrich a nation, and therefore are encouraged to settle; and from whom, in a time of war, much benefit might be expected; being able to furnish with money, which is the sinews of war, as well as to give intelligence of the designs of foreign princes, they trading abroad: the cankerworm spoileth, and flieth away ; or “puts off” its clothes, disrobes and changes its form; or breaks out with force, as the Septuagint, out of its former worm state, and appears a beautiful butterfly, and then flies away. The word is rendered a caterpillar, ( <19A534> Psalm 105:34 Jeremiah 51:14,27) and what we translate “spoileth” is used of stripping, or putting off of clothes, ( 1 Samuel 19:24 Song of Solomon 5:3) and the sense may be, that though their merchants were multiplied above the stars of heaven, in which there may be an allusion to the increase of caterpillars, ( Nahum 3:15) yet, as the caterpillar drops its clothes, and flies away, so their merchants, through fear of the enemy, would depart in haste, or be suddenly stripped of their riches, which make themselves wings, and fly away, ( Proverbs 23:5). These merchants, at their beginning, might be low and mean, but, increasing, adorning, and enriching themselves in a time of peace, fled away in a time of war: or, “spreads itself” f124 , and “flies away”; so these creatures spread themselves on the earth, and devour all they can, and then spread their wings, and are gone; suggesting that in like manner the merchants of Nineveh would serve them; get all they could by merchandise among them, and then betake themselves elsewhere and especially in a time of war, which is prejudicial to merchandise; and hence nothing was to be expected from them, or any dependence had upon them.

    Matthew Henry Commentary

    Verses 8-19 - Strong-holds, even the strongest, are no defence against the
    judgment of God. They shall be unable to do any thing for themselves. The Chaldeans and Medes would devour the land like canker-worms. The Assyrians also would be eaten up by their own numerous hired troops which seem to be meant by the word rendered "merchants." Those tha have done evil to their neighbours, will find it come home to them Nineveh, and many other cities, states, and empires, have been ruined and should be a warning to us. Are we better, except as there are some true Christians amongst us, who are a greater security, and a stronge defence, than all the advantages of situation or strength? When the Lord shows himself against a people, every thing they trust in mus fail, or prove a disadvantage; but he continues good to Israel. He is strong-hold for every believer in time of trouble, that cannot be stormed or taken; and he knoweth those that trust in Him __________________________________________________________________

    Original Hebrew

    הרבית 7235 רכליך 7402 מכוכבי 3556 השׁמים 8064 ילק 3218 פשׁט 6584 ויעף׃ 5774

    CHAPTERS: 1, 2, 3
    VERSES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19


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