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  • PARALLEL HISTORY BIBLE - Jeremiah 7:15

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    LXX- Greek Septuagint - Jeremiah 7:15

    και 2532 απορριψω υμας 5209 απο 575 προσωπου 4383 μου 3450 καθως 2531 απερριψα τους 3588 αδελφους 80 υμων 5216 παν 3956 το 3588 σπερμα 4690 εφραιμ 2187

    Douay Rheims Bible

    And I will cast you away from before my face, as I have cast away all your brethren, the
    whole seed of Ephraim.

    King James Bible - Jeremiah 7:15

    And I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the
    whole seed of Ephraim.

    World English Bible

    I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brothers, even the
    whole seed of Ephraim.

    World Wide Bible Resources

    Jeremiah 7:15

    Early Christian Commentary - (A.D. 100 - A.D. 325)

    Anf-02 vi.iii.i.ix Pg 40.1

    Anf-02 vi.ii.viii Pg 13.1

    Anf-02 vi.iv.v.xiv Pg 146.1

    Anf-03 v.iv.v.i Pg 34
    Deut. xxxii. 39.

    —even the same “who createth evil and maketh peace;”3509


    Anf-03 Pg 19
    Deut. xxxii. 39.

    We have already made good the Creator’s claim to this twofold character of judgment and goodness5696

    5696 See above in book ii. [cap. xi. p. 306.]

    —“killing in the letter” through the law, and “quickening in the Spirit” through the Gospel. Now these attributes, however different they be, cannot possibly make two gods; for they have already (in the prevenient dispensation of the Old Testament) been found to meet in One.5697

    5697 Apud unum recenseri prævenerunt.

    He alludes to Mosesveil, covered with which “his face could not be stedfastly seen by the children of Israel.”5698


    Anf-03 v.viii.ix Pg 10
    Deut. xxxii. 39.

    Why reproach the flesh with those conditions which wait for God, which hope in God, which receive honour from God, which He succours? I venture to declare, that if such casualties as these had never befallen the flesh, the bounty, the grace, the mercy, (and indeed) all the beneficent power of God, would have had no opportunity to work.7351

    7351 Vacuisset.

    Anf-03 v.viii.xxviii Pg 10
    Isa. xxxviii. 12, 13; 16. The very words, however, occur not in Isaiah, but in 1 Sam. ii. 6; Deut. xxxii. 39.

    Certainly His making alive is to take place after He has killed. As, therefore, it is by death that He kills, it is by the resurrection that He will make alive. Now it is the flesh which is killed by death; the flesh, therefore, will be revived by the resurrection. Surely if killing means taking away life from the flesh, and its opposite, reviving, amounts to restoring life to the flesh, it must needs be that the flesh rise again, to which the life, which has been taken away by killing, has to be restored by vivification.

    Anf-03 v.iv.iv.xx Pg 21
    In 1 Kings xi. 14, “the Lord” is said to have done this. Comp. 2 Sam. xxiv. 1 with 1 Chron. xxi. i.

    stirred up an Edomite as an enemy against him.  Since, therefore, nothing of these things is compatible with Solomon, but only with Christ, the method of our interpretations will certainly be true; and the very issue of the facts shows that they were clearly predicted of Christ. And so in Him we shall have “the sure mercies of David.” Him, not David, has God appointed for a testimony to the nations; Him, for a prince and commander to the nations, not David, who ruled over Israel alone. It is Christ whom all nations now invoke, which knew Him not; Christ to whom all races now betake themselves, whom they were ignorant of before. It is impossible that that should be said to be future, which you see (daily) coming to pass.

    Anf-03 v.iv.v.xxvii Pg 38
    The books point to Isa. iii. 3, 4 for this; but there is only a slight similarity in the latter clause, even in the Septuagint.

    And who did this more than the lawyers?4611

    4611 Legis doctores: the νομικοί of the Gospels.

    Now, if these offended Christ, it was as belonging to Him that they offended Him.  He would have aimed no blow at the teachers of an alien law. But why is a “woe” pronounced against them for “building the sepulchres of the prophets whom their fathers had killed?”4612


    Anf-01 viii.iv.xix Pg 3
    Hos. i. and Hos. ii.

    one of the twelve prophets, declares. Moreover, all those righteous men already mentioned, though they kept no Sabbaths,1992


    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, Chapter 7

    VERSE 	(15) - 

    Jer 3:8; 15:1; 23:39; 52:3 2Ki 17:18-20,23; 24:20 Ho 1:4; 9:9,16,17


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