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    LXX- Greek Septuagint - Isaiah 45:6

    ινα 2443 γνωσιν 1097 5632 οι 3588 απο 575 ανατολων 395 ηλιου 2243 2246 και 2532 οι 3588 απο 575 δυσμων 1424 οτι 3754 ουκ 3756 εστιν 2076 5748 πλην 4133 εμου 1700 εγω 1473 κυριος 2962 ο 3588 3739 θεος 2316 και 2532 ουκ 3756 εστιν 2076 5748 ετι 2089

    Douay Rheims Bible

    That they may know who are from the rising of the
    sun, and they who are from the west, that there is none besides me. I am the Lord, and there is none else:

    King James Bible - Isaiah 45:6

    That they may know from the rising of the
    sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else.

    World English Bible

    that they may know from the rising of the
    sun, and from the west, that there is none besides me. I am Yahweh, and there is no one else.

    Early Church Father Links

    Anf-01 Pg 11, Anf-01 Pg 9, Anf-04 vi.v.iii.iv Pg 9, Npnf-211 iv.iv.vii.v Pg 3

    World Wide Bible Resources

    Isaiah 45:6

    Early Christian Commentary - (A.D. 100 - A.D. 325)

    Anf-01 Pg 11
    Isa. xlv. 5, 6, Isa. xlvi. 9.

    <index subject1="Grief, evil spirits said by Valentinus to derive their origin from" title="323" id=""/>They further teach that the spirits of wickedness derived their origin from grief. <index subject1="Cosmocrator, the" title="323" id=""/>Hence the devil, whom they also call Cosmocrator (the ruler of the world), and the demons, and the angels, and every wicked spiritual being that exists, found the source of their existence. They represent the Demiurge as being the son of that mother of theirs (Achamoth), and Cosmocrator as the creature of the Demiurge. Cosmocrator has knowledge of what is above himself, because he is a spirit of wickedness; but the Demiurge is ignorant of such things, inasmuch as he is merely animal. Their mother dwells in that place which is above the heavens, that is, in the intermediate abode; the Demiurge in the heavenly place, that is, in the hebdomad; but the Cosmocrator in this our world. The corporeal elements of the world, again, sprang, as we before remarked, from bewilderment and perplexity, as from a more ignoble source. Thus the earth arose from her state of stupor; water from the agitation caused by her fear; air from the consolidation of her grief; while fire, producing death and corruption, was inherent in all these elements, even as they teach that ignorance also lay concealed in these three passions.

    Anf-01 Pg 9
    Ex. xx. 5; Isa. xlv. 5, 6.

    Such are the falsehoods which these people invent.

    Anf-03 Pg 8
    Isa. xlv. 5; xlvi. 9.

    But for all that, he at least was aware that he had not himself existed before. He understood, therefore, that he had been created, and that there must be a creator of a creature of some sort or other.  How happens it, then, that he seemed to himself to be the only being, notwithstanding his uncertainty, and although he had, at any rate, some suspicion of the existence of some creator?

    Anf-03 v.vii.xxiv Pg 6
    Isa. xlv. 5.

    And when in another passage he says, in like manner, “Before me there was no God,”7273


    Anf-03 v.ix.xviii Pg 4
    Isa. xlv. 5.

    And when He Himself makes this declaration, He denies not the Son, but says that there is no other God; and the Son is not different from the Father. Indeed, if you only look carefully at the contexts which follow such statements as this, you will find that they nearly always have distinct reference to the makers of idols and the worshippers thereof, with a view to the multitude of false gods being expelled by the unity of the Godhead, which nevertheless has a Son; and inasmuch as this Son is undivided and inseparable from the Father, so is He to be reckoned as being in the Father, even when He is not named. The fact is, if He had named Him expressly, He would have separated Him, saying in so many words: “Beside me there is none else, except my Son.” In short He would have made His Son actually another, after excepting Him from others.  Suppose the sun to say, “I am the Sun, and there is none other besides me, except my ray,” would you not have remarked how useless was such a statement, as if the ray were not itself reckoned in the sun? He says, then, that there is no God besides Himself in respect of the idolatry both of the Gentiles as well as of Israel; nay, even on account of our heretics also, who fabricate idols with their words, just as the heathen do with their hands; that is to say, they make another God and another Christ. When, therefore, He attested His own unity, the Father took care of the Son’s interests, that Christ should not be supposed to have come from another God, but from Him who had already said, “I am God and there is none other beside me,”7987


    Anf-03 v.ix.xviii Pg 5
    Isa. xlv. 5, 18; xliv. 6.

    who shows us that He is the only God, but in company with His Son, with whom “He stretcheth out the heavens alone.”7988


    Anf-03 v.ix.xx Pg 4
    Isa. xlv. 5.

    so in the Gospel they simply keep in view the Lord’s answer to Philip, “I and my Father are one;”8007


    Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge, Chapter 45

    VERSE 	(6) - 

    Isa 37:20 1Sa 17:46,47 Ps 46:10; 83:18; 102:15,16 Eze 38:23; 39:21


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